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Hello folks! It looks like most of you are getting familiar with our friends – php and mysql – how awesome! For homework:

  1. Get your previous work done by next week. Please post a link to the functional php page and a link to a text file so I can see it working and look at your code. Email me with questions or ask your classmates.
  2. Get cracking on creating a custom WordPress theme. You have 2 weeks to for this project, so the sooner you start the better! Start with the tutorial: and email me if you get stuck. We can work and trouble shooting in class next week so be sure to get as much done as possible. Start thinking about what you want the theme to look like – you can do sketches, mockups, look at precedents for inspiration.
  3. Have fun!


  1. Hello again,

    I have everything the way I want now, EXCEPT!…

    In Safari my site has two headers! In firefox it’s fine, but Safari wants to double it up?!
    I have it set to no-repeat but ….

  2. a little change to wordpress theme but I’m happy with it now

  3. Yo Bruce!

    So I designed a blogger blog for my girlfriend earlier this summer. Here is the blogger one.

    She wants to move it over to wordpress so here is the WordPress version I’m working on.

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